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Kinji Maejima

Three D Co., Ltd. was established in 1973 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiwa Motor Transportation Co., Ltd.

For over 60 years since its establishment, Daiwa Motor Transportation Co., Ltd. has centered its business on taxi and limousine service and maintained its position of a leading company in the passenger transport industry as the company first listed on the stock market. Taxi and limousine service are closely related to people's social life as a convenient and accessible means of transportation and are also resuming a major position among the tertiary industry.

One of the major social issues in Japan in the 21st century is the improvement of services in the welfare and nursing care fields. Although the rapid development of public transportation and information and communications has significantly improved the quality of people's lives, persons with special needs or elderly people are unable to receive such benefits. Accordingly, a society in which people can all enjoy living with a sense of assurance and access wherever they want to go is an issue that must be realized without further delay.

We are taking our utmost efforts to address these fields to provide valuable services. In terms of transportation service, we provide highly functional welfare vehicles accompanied by experienced drivers who are qualified Level 1 caregivers, whereby we are providing assistance for transportation and transfer services.

We will continue to advocate the spirit of "harmony" that has been upheld by the Group since its establishment as our management philosophy and further undertake efforts in the future.


Kinji Maejima
Representative Director
Three D Co., Ltd.

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