Welcab: User feedback

We have received the following comments from Welcab users.

I started to use the service on the advice of the council of social welfare. Although my home is on the 11th floor, the staff properly takes me door-to-door. The car is equipped with a lift, which enables me to get in and out of the vehicle smoothly, and the fee was also less expensive than I thought. (Ms. Chieko Kasuga, 80 years old)

I used the service because I needed someone who could assist me with going to the hospital and take me back home. I was impressed that the staff was very kind and also took my shoes off properly. I would definitely like to continue to use the service. (Ms. Yai Sugaya, 85 years old)

I asked for the service because I needed a taxi that will accommodate a wheelchair. The car was large and had good cushions, and I was satisfied with the comfortable ride. Staff/driver response was great and I was satisfied with all services. (Mr. Toshio Hayashi, 85 years old)

I started to use the service after being introduced to it by a care manager. Hospital visits have really became easy since the staff takes me to the hospital reception area from the front door of my house. I think the price is reasonable, too. (Ms. Fusa Maruyama, 85 years old)

Although I am a wheelchair user, Three D crew can properly assist with transferring to a wheelchair. The ride was also comfortable, and I have come to enjoy going out. (Mr. Yasuaki Izumi, 62 years old)

I am getting a ride from my home to a nearby welfare center twice a week. A vehicle equipped with a lift enables me to smoothly get in and out and gives me a sense of reassurance because it takes me back to my home. (Mr. Kazuyoshi Hatano, 62 years old)

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